15 Fun Things to Do Before Baby Turns One

by Bethany Braun-Silva

15 Fun Things to Do Before Baby Turns One

The first year with your baby is filled with lots of exciting milestones. In between feedings, diaper changes and more feedings, you will emerge from a bleary-eyed haze just to stare in amazement at this being you created. And while we are sure you’ve heard it a million times, it bears repeating: It goes by so fast. Before you know it ,you will be planning a first birthday party, pinning smash cakes (link), and figuring out the perfect outfit (link).


But until then you’ll want to make time to take in the moment of this magical first year and even attempt to do some activities with your baby. After all, it’s an exciting time for both of you, and there’s no reason why you can’t venture out for a fun day on the town or even stay home and get your learning on. Either way, we’ve rounded up a few great activities you can do with your baby before they turn one. But first, let’s break down some milestone moments of their first year.


Milestones in Baby’s First Year


        • Developmental Milestones

Your child is developing rapidly, and even small things like a new sound or movement is huge in the first year. By their fourth month, they may be sitting up with support and should be fully able to sit up just a few months after that, which means you can give the car seat stroller a rest and have your baby sit facing out and taking in the world.


        • Emotional Milestones

Some babies show likes and dislikes as early as 2months old, and that will only increase as they grow. Helping them discover their likes and dislikes with activities is a great way to set them up for a successful future in school and beyond.


        • Behavioral Milestones 

You won’t have to think about any sort of discipline in the first eight months of your child’s life. But once they start crawling, it’s a good idea to start introducing boundaries, literally and figuratively. That can be achieved by playing a fun game or with a song.


15 Things to Do with Your Baby Before They Turn One



Father Reading to Baby


1. Travel

Babies fly free until they are 2 years old, so be sure to take advantage of this by booking a great family-friendly getaway. Look for deals on travel sites like Expedia  and, and consider destinations including Disney World (link to post) and all-inclusive resorts.


2. Read

Babies love to be read too. Consider building your child’s library with an array of books that they will love as infants and as they grow.


3. Watch a movie

Whether you venture to a theater or stay in for movie night  is totally up to you. Some babies will love the idea of seeing their favorite characters on the big screen while sitting on Mom or Dad’s lap in a big theater.


4. Dance

Babies love to move, and dancing is a great way to have a little fun. Encourage them to shake it with a fun toy


5. Play Music

Don’t worry about being inundated with nursery rhymes or Disney songs,try these great CDs that take modern music and turn into something that both parents and baby will enjoy.


6. Exercise with them

There are tons of exercises that you can do with your baby that will benefit you both. Once you’re set up with the right gear, check out these mommy-and-me exercises that are fun and effective.


7. Teach Colors

It’s never too early to start teaching your baby the basics, and that includes colors. This stacking rainbow is the perfect (and most pretty) way to begin.


8. Teach Numbers

This cookie counting toy will have your baby knowing her 1, 2, 3s in no time.


9. Teach Letters

Much like colors and numbers, the alphabet is an important part of baby’s development, and you can’t go wrong with these classic wooden blocks.


10. Play make believe

Imaginative play is one of the great gifts of being little. Help spark your child’s creativity with this beginner cooking toy set.


11. Take a day trip

A park or zoo is a great place for babies to get some social interaction and a change of setting. With the right stroller,  you’ll be ready to roll!


12. Bond, bond, bond

The first few months are a great time to get in some good physical bonding with your baby. Find the right baby carrier, and you can wear them pretty much anywhere before they’re too heavy or just plain not interested in being that close to you.


13. Take a lot of photos

Your phone will be loaded with photos of your bundle of joy, so why not save some much needed storage space and print out some of them? You can even add them to a special photo album just for your baby. They’ll get a kick out of seeing pictures of themselves and their loved ones.


14. Make the most of bathtime

Once your baby is out of the sink and into the tub, bathtime can also mean playtime. Be sure to choose bathtime toys for baby that are fun and safe


15. Make time to just play

Take some time to see the world through your baby’s eyes. That means getting down on the floor for some serious fun. Playmats like the Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym can help encourage their imagination for a seriously fun play time!