Beach Party Theme: Surfin’ USA

by Amy Roberts

Beach Party Theme: Surfin’ USA

Throw a beach themed bash with these fun kids birthday party ideas

Decorate: Cover tables with beach towels. Scatter beach balls, lawn chairs, and inflatable palm trees around the room.

Eat: Serve smoothies with mini-umbrellas, burgers, fries, and other beachy fare. Decorate cupcakes with blue icing (water), yellow-cake crumbs (sand), and Swedish fish.

Make: Refrigerator magnets from seashells, craft clay, mini-magnets, and glue. Or try sandscapes with colored sand in clear plastic jars.

Play: Ask kids to come in bathing suits and flip-flops. Have a limbo contest and play Kadima.

Insider tips: Turn up the heat (just for a while). Play The Beach Boys CDs. Give favors in plastic sand pails.