Birthday Cake Ideas

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Birthday Cake Ideas

Check out some of the awesome birthday cake ideas sent in from our readers!

"The rolls are yellow cake with peanut butter frosting, and the "hamburger" is a big brownie. The ketchup and mustard were the only food coloring necessary, and I rolled out "mint leaves" for the pickles, more for looks than taste, frosting and mint—not a family favorite… frosting and brownie, YUM! Then walnuts were added to look like sesame seeds.

It was much easier than it sounds (and looks) and the red checkered tablecloth and paper plate make it picnic ready!"

Lauren, Massachusetts

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"This was a bee cake I made for my son's 1st birthday party! It was NOT an easy endeavor! I used heart-shaped cake pans for the wings, a football cake pan for the body and a small round pan for the head. The bee stripes are black licorice which I had to go to three different stores before finding the "perfect stripes." The cakes were four different flavors. The head of the bee was my son's cake. I wanted this to be somewhat healthy, so I mixed a can of pumpkin with spiced cake mix. The rest of the cake was white chocolate, chocolate and white cake. I wrapped the board that the cake is on in green foil to resemble grass. I put yellow flowers striped with black puff paint around the cake."

Katie, Illinois

"This was for my son's 2nd birthday. I baked the cake in a bread pan, and the mud was made out of "no bake" cookies."

Chiara, Utah

"For my daughters 5th birthday I created a Candy Land theme—but since her name is Harlee, it was called "Harleeland!"

Alissa, Pennsylvania

"This is a cake for a Cinderella themed birthday. The shoe is white chocolate covered in edible luster dust!

Yeannelle, California

Gina, Missouri

"For my daughter's 1st birthday, I decided to have a goldfish themed party since her favorite toys were her fishbowl and the plastic fish. I wanted a small cake for her to devoir and a larger one for everyone else to eat. So I decided on a large fishbowl and a small goldfish for Morgan."

Ariella, New Jersey

"This cake is all edible, except the glass container holding the gumballs. This was the very first non-traditional cake I have ever made, and it was a huge hit. As you can imagine, most children would be just as excited to get an entire bowl full of gumballs as they would a typical birthday cake!"

Lanee, Idaho

Tracy, Missouri

"This is the ladybug cake that I made for my daughter's 3rd birthday. We had the party at out local park that has a water/splash pad for the kids to play in. She wore a special ladybug dress that I made for her as well!"

Rebecca, Tennessee

"I made these cupcakes for my daughter's first birthday because her middle name is Ladybug!"

Maura, Nevada

Michael, Pennsylvania

Dustee Knapp

"For a Hawaiian themed birthday party!

Valerie, Virginia

"For my son's 5th birthday, all he wanted was a platypus cake. For months he talked about having a platypus on his cake. I figured that since it wasn't a popular theme, I was just going to have to make it from scratch. He loved the cake and it was really tasty, too!"

Loren, New Hampshire

Cari, Florida

"My daughter just turned 6, and she wanted to have a Rollerskating party. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone that made a Rollerskate cake, so I had to figure out how to create one myself… And I am no Betty Crocker! However, I was really excited about how they turned out! (Ended up having to make 2 of them — to feed all of the kiddos!"

Meredith, Georgia

Laura, Texas

"My son Jake is totally into skateboards so for his 7th birthday, he wanted a skateboard themed party. The tops of skateboards are pretty boring, so I made a cake showing a cool design on the bottom of a skateboard. The boys at his party loved the cake—especially the donut wheels!"

Amy, New Jersey

"Inside of tool box is chocolate cake with red frosting, and the sides of tool box and all tools are handmade candy. The handle of toolbox is rope licorice. This cake was for my husband's birthday. I had bought him a large red tool chest for the garage and asked everyone to bring tool-related gifts. It was really fun, and everyone seemed impressed with the cake!"

Melissa, California

"I made this Treasure Chest cake for my friend's son's 10th birthday. His theme was pirates, so we went with a Treasure Chest and it turned out so much better than I thought it would. Fake treasure surrounds the cake and is peeking out—I found a fake pearl necklace and it went into the chest as well. The cake was covered in fondant, painted with food coloring and 4 straws hold the top slightly open."

Liza Tyra

"I made this cake/cupcake combo for my daughter's 3rd birthday. She is a big fan of Winnie the Pooh and loves hot air balloons, so I decided to combine the two."

Julie, Iowa

I made this Brobee cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday. She loves the show Yo Gabba Gabbaaand all of the characters on it. I cut and formed the cake myself, and mixed my own tints to get Brobee's fur the correct shades. I used coconut for extra texture, and fruit rolls for the mouth and cones."

Jill, Texas

Jessica, Maine

Brooke, Idaho