Scrapbook: Birthday Fun

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Scrapbook: Birthday Fun

It’s your kid’s birthday and he can get messy if he wants to! Parenting readers sent us some of their favorite birthday moments

“It’s my son, Anthony, on his first birthday after he just devoured his very own birthday cake!”

— Natasha

“Isabelle, First Birthday. She couldn’t take her eyes off the candle!”

— Sheila

“This is my son, Ryan, at his 3rd birthday party. He was surprised when the car transformed.”

— Melissa

“Ireland turned one on February 10th and I made her a giant cupcake for her birthday cake.”

— Todd and Kerrie

“This is Christos, it’s his 1st birthday party.”

— Eleni

“Audrie Kohl, 1 year old”

— Jason and Carrie

“This picture is of our daughter, Annalise, on her 1st birthday enjoying all her presents!”

— Mary Louise

“Here is our daughter, Sydney, blowing out her 3rd birthday candles. She turned 3 on 3/14/08. She blew the candles as hard as she possibly could for about 30+ seconds. She made the funniest faces with her lips pushed outward. We all laughed so hard. It was a very very memorable moment for us.”

Daro and Don

“Here is my daughter Ava, 3, enjoying some birthday cake! The frosting dyed everyone’s tongue blue for the rest of the day!”

— Tina

“Jaselin, age 18 months. This was her first birthday.”

— Shawn

“Talitha Abby, 15 months on her first birthday. She loves her birthday cake!”

— Carolina

— Hayden, sent in by Michelle

“Gianna, 2 years old, enjoying her presents!”

— Lennea

“Ethan, 12 months old, 1st birthday!”

— Kelley

“Trinity Jade at 12 months!”

— Karina

“Here is a picture of my daughter, Riley Lemberger, at her first birthday party eating cake for the first time. Her birthday was March 1.”

— Diane

“Marcos was dancing and smiling at Chuck E. Cheese on his 1st birthday party.”

— Kandy

“Iliana Grace, 1 year, enjoying her cake!”

— Dawn

“This is a picture of my daughter, Cadence, 12 months eating her 1st birthday cake. She loved it!”

— Heather

— sent in by Julie