How to Throw a Car Party

by Parenting Magazine

How to Throw a Car Party

Jordan Ferney from turns your speed demon’s dreams into a retro-styled reality. Plus: 61 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas


Wrap an empty matchbox with a printable cover (download at Glue a construction-paper road with handwritten party details inside. Glue a chocolate car (set of 60, $57; on the road to finish


Suit the kids up in Blue Castle boilersuits ($17; or ask them to wear a shirt in their favorite race-car color.


Set up an EZ Pop button maker ($28; and printable designs (PDF download, $2; so the kids can add flair to their jumpsuits.


Spray-paint paper boxes (free at copy stores) and let dry. Cut a slit in the top large enough for a child and bend a flap to make a windshield. Cut two small holes on each side and criss-cross two ribbons through to make straps. Tie to secure. Let the kids decorate with stickers, paper plates, markers, card stock, and dollar-store bike horns


Hang banner ($4; over a table covered in a checkered tablecloth ($5;


Decorate cupcakes with racing flags (set of 144, $8;


Put a simple lunch in white gable boxes ($1; adorned with card-stock paper tires.


In your backyard or at a nearby park, organize races so the kids can run and honk their horns while wearing the car costumes.


Pre-party, make a winner’s podium out of milk crates ($4; Target stores) and poster board. At the end of each race, call winners to the podium and hand them a trophy (set of six, $5;