10 Garage Sale Hacks to Save You Time & Make You Money

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10 Garage Sale Hacks to Save You Time & Make You Money

Thinking of having a garage sale? Don't set up shop until you read these 10 quick tips that will save you loads of time, and more importantly, make you loads of money. Happy selling!

Have an Organized Cashier's Table

No, you're not running a professional store when you have a garage sale, but keeping things organized at the cashier's table (which should be clearly marked!) will help things run more smoothly. Organizing Home Life had the great idea of using an aluminum muffin tin, cut in half, as a way to keep change sorted. Another great tip for the cashier's table? Have a measuring tape handy. People always want to measure furniture.

Group Kids' Clothes

Being that kids outgrow their wardrobes in, oh, five seconds, chances are you'll have plenty of little clothes to get rid of at your garage sale. Instead of dumping all toddler-sized clothes into a bin, Delightful Order suggests labeling articles by age group and gender. This makes it way easier for people to find what they're looking for—which means ka-ching for you!

Don't Sell Every Single Thing Individually

Bigger ticket items you, of course, want to sell individually. But, there's no need to put a price tag on every tiny thing at your sale. To make life easier—and more profitable—I Heart Organizing suggests placing smaller items, such as kids' toys and random kitchen gadgets, into a bag and putting the whole bag up for sale.

Tape Dishes, Bowls and Cups Together

You know what would be really annoying? If someone was looking to buy a whole set of bowls, but all you had left were two. If you have sets of things, such as dishware, sell them together. The Oxford Place Diaries had the clever idea of taping together dishes and bowls, so buyers know they're being sold as a group. It's also a great way to get rid of stuff you no longer want quicker.

Don't Put a Price on Bigger Ticket Items

Belly Feathers Party had the genius idea of labeling bigger pieces, such as furniture, with "make me an offer" tags instead of prices. The theory behind it? More than likely, people will wind up offering you more money than you were going to list it for. Sweet!

Sell Your Plants

Another great idea from Organizing Home Life: put your plants up for sale. Whether you're moving and want to get rid of everything or simply have plants that multiply quickly, why not throwing them into the mix for around $2 to $3? A super cheap plant is a hard thing to turn down. (Also, they'll make your sale look pretty.)

Use Stickers Instead of Price Tags

Instead of writing down prices for each individual item, Achieving Creative Order suggests using stickers. Place colored stickers on the items that you're selling, and post a visible key for people to refer to when they're wondering about a price. It's much quicker than writing down prices for everything.

Advertise Online…with a Photo

Although the "classic" way of advertising for a garage sale is with bright-colored signs taped to trees, posting your ad on a site like Craigslist—with an accompanying photo that shows off your goods—can seriously boost sales. Making Lemonade posted this photo along with an online ad and sold almost $200 worth of kids clothes by early morning.

Cleanliness Is Key

The Red Kitchen suggests taking a few minutes the night before or the morning of your garage sale to wipe everything down with a damp cloth. People will be much more apt to purchase things when they aren't covered in a light layer of dust.

Schedule a Charity Pick-Up

If the goal of your sale, besides making money, is to get rid of stuff that's just taking up space in your home, My Blessed Life suggests scheduling a charity pick-up for immediately after. Bonus: you'll get a charitable donation tax write off!