10 Inspired Gardening Projects for Kids

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10 Inspired Gardening Projects for Kids

Spring has finally sprung! It's time to get outdoors with your little sprouts and have fun exploring, learning and playing. The garden is a great place to enjoy the best spring has to offer as a family. To get started, check out these 10 inspired gardening projects for kids.

Plastic Water Bottle Hanging Tomato Planters

Bonzai Aphrodite shows your family how to make use of a small space, like a deck or front porch, to produce delicious tomatoes in empty water bottles. At the end of this project, you can say you taught your kids about recycling and a plant's life cycle at the same time. Score!

Super Inexpensive Herb Terrarium

Feels Like Home offers smart, money-saving tips for creating your very own herb terrarium. Customize this fun project to grow the herbs you use most, and add decorations to personalize the terrarium. This garden craft is so neat, you may find yourself putting one in every room.

Egg Carton Greenhouse

Little kids will love Hazel and Company's Egg Carton Greenhouse project. With a simple household item and some seeds, you can create a special learning and bonding experience for your mini green thumbs. You'll even find a super-smart tip to keep this project mess-free when it's done.

Whimsical Butterfly Feeder

Create magic and fun for your kids by making Mother Rising's whimsical butterfly feeder. You'll need a jar, some string, a bit of knot-tying know-how, and the secret ingredient: butterfly food! Then it's time to watch the garden for signs of hungry winged creatures.

Garden in a Glove

To find a project that helps kids learn about seeds, it doesn't get much simpler than Zweber Farms' Garden in a Glove. This fun and educational activity is ideal for sprouting gardeners who have never seen a seed up close before. And it's perfect for you because mess is minimal.

Adorable Painted Garden Markers

Any kid old enough to hold a paintbrush can help with this sweet gardening project: creating painted garden markers from stones. Adventure in a Box shows you how to make comical smiling strawberries, concerned carrots and silly squashes; all you need are rocks, paint and a sense of humor.

Multipurpose Homemade Sprinkler

What could be better than an outdoor project that serves an important function in the garden, but also provides hours of fun for little ones? Housing a Forest made a homemade sprinkler using a plastic bottle, some tape and a drill. Genius! But we must warn you: unstoppable laughter ahead!

Earthworm Motel

Fact: Kids love searching for bugs and worms. Green Kid Crafts offers the perfect project for housing the slimy guys your mini bug lovers find. It's an Earthworm Hotel, the Four Seasons of the worm world, featuring dirt and water. What more could a worm, or a kid, ask for?

Sponge Grass House

Everyday kitchen sponges become an inspired gardening craft with Wonderful DIY's Sponge Grass House. Kids will adore this gingerbread house meets Chia pet activity. G-g-g-guaranteed!

Cheerios Bird Feeder

What kid doesn't love Cheerios? Or watching birds? Combine these two peewee passions and you have 366 Days of Pinterest's Cheerios Bird Feeder project. Future ornithologists, this one's for you.