10 Ways to Clean Up Common Kid Messes

by admin

10 Ways to Clean Up Common Kid Messes

Being a kid and making a mess go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's why we assembled this mini-guide for how to clean up any disaster your darling creates. So kids, go ahead and get messy; we parents are prepared!

Get rid of glitter

If you've got girls, you've got glitter…everywhere, and it can feel as though you'll never be able to get rid of it. Try this great suggestion for a DIY lint roller that will deglitter counter tops, furniture and any other surface sprinkled with fairy dust.

Get Play-Doh out of carpet

It's a common problem: Play-Doh getting ground into the carpet. Here's a great tip for ridding the rug of those seemingly infinite, stubborn granules of dough, but it requires a bit of patience. Letting the sticky stuff dry is the key; that, and a vacuum. Then you won't have to put potted plants over unsightly spots in the family room ever again!

Remove crayon from the wall

While your little one's artwork is a treasured possession, his crayon on the wall masterpieces aren't your favorite. Remove crayon from walls quickly and naturally with lemon essential oil, a Q-tip, water and a washcloth. It should work like a charm; that is, unless you're going for the aspiring graffiti artist look in your living room.

Purge pee stains on the mattress

Hey, pee happens, and sometimes it happens in bed. But before you junk your kid's mattress, try this smart pee stain and smell removal method from involving just a few common household items. It's so easy, you won't even worry the next time your wee one goes, well, wee in bed.

Clean a car seat buckle

Car seat gunk is nasty, and it's unavoidable when you have little ones snacking and slurping juice en route to school or play. Try this genius way to clean the sticky, icky sludge trapped inside a car seat buckle. Would you believe all you need is water? So simple, so smart, so go do it!

Say goodbye to sitckers on the floor

Why do kids love slapping stickers on floors and furniture? Tough-to-remove stickers, meet a hairdryer. It sure beats picking away at itty pieces of Dora's face from your little one's dresser.

Trick kids into keeping the car clean

Even the cleanest kiddos still track in dirt and spread crumbs no matter how short the drive in the car. Imagine tricking your tots into helping to keep the car clean. Yup, this brilliant, and admittedly unconventional, tactic for picking up junk on car mats is bound to inspire giggles, but hey, what kid wouldn't go along with it?

Unsoil a Onesie

Your best laundry soap is no match for a soiled Onesie after a diaper blow-out. Do you know what can unsoil a baby's outfit? The sun. Yes, it really is that simple to save an article of clothing post-poop. You may never have to do laundry again…yeah, right!

Make a microfiber couch good as new

Many families call a microfiber couch the most comfortable place in their house. Unfortunately, microfiber isn't the most family-friendly fabric, as it tends to show every stain—from juice spills to kid puke. There's a way to restore this cozy spot to its former glory by using just a few household items, including rubbing alcohol and a hard bristle brush. Now you won't feel like hiding under a sofa cushion the next time you have company!

Sanitize toys in a jiffy

When you host a playdate, a single cough can mean you have to sanitize every toy a kid touched. There goes your afternoon! As long as you have a dishwasher, you can try this smart solution to reduce your toy cleaning time by more than half and get on with your day!