13 Fun Books, DVDs, and Books

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13 Fun Books, DVDs, and Books

All ages can read, watch, play, and sing along.

Toby’s sorry he has to spend Christmas at his grandma’s — until the toys in her attic stir to life. Can he help his main pal become a real animal? ($19.98, Vision Films) 3 to 5

A porky martial artist busts up everything in sight in this interactive book. ($8.99, Little Simon) 2 to 5

Enjoy a decade’s worth of the funky father’s relaxed ditties, including “I Caught My Daddy Watching Cartoons.”($12, Boyd’s Tone Records) 2 to 5

A curious kid finds a fedora in this fun and winningly illustrated flight of fancy. ($14.99, Bloomsbury) 5 to 7

Join a sleuth as he walks through exotic virtual worlds, finding stunning artifacts. ($29.99, Electronic Arts) Rated E, 8 to 10

Three fierce thieves meet a spunky orphan, who quickly wins over their hearts
of gold (and gets them to spend plenty of the real stuff, too!). ($16.95, Phaidon) 5 to 8

The series’ first foray away from the classics is a globe-trotting musical journey. ($19.99, Baby Einstein) 3 months to 3 years

This board book’s got it all, including friendly close-ups of other kids. ($12.95, Silver Dolphin) 6 to 18 months

Care for more than 30 forest creatures. It’s so much easier than buying a raccoon! ($39.99 DS, $49.99 Wii, The Sim Studios at Electronic Arts) Rated E, 7 to 10

The three R’s rock out in a new DVD that teaches kids about the environment. Perfect for Earth Day! ($26.99, Disney) 5 to 9

On this DVD, a trio of upbeat singer-actors walks kids through a typical pre-K day, helping ease separation jitters. ($9.99, ThinkBox, Inc.) 2 to 5

The tracks from this Grateful Dead — influenced kiddie jam band are groovy. ($14.95, Bartlett Ave. Records) 5 to 8

A boy turns an abandoned railway into a beautiful garden, helping his whole city go green. Lushly illustrated. ($16.99, Little, Brown and Company) 6 to 9