14 Great DVDs, CDs, and Books

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14 Great DVDs, CDs, and Books

Read, watch and sing along with stuff for all ages

Flip the textured pages to find a parade of mice on a mission. Where could they be carrying all of those wacky bits and bobs? ($15, Little Simon) 3 to 5

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In this whodunit, each orchestra section showcases its high notes — and provides its alibi for a murder. ($18, HarperCollins) 7 to 9

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The mane event of this DS game? Growing a herd of horses from colts to blue-ribbon champs. ($30, Ubi Soft) Rated E, 4 and up

This Xbox 360 title comes with a mini-video camera: Film yourself playing the creative and wacky game. ($70, Zoe Mode) Rated E, 8 to 12

A big sis schools her bro in how to twist their folks around his finger. ($17, Dutton) 5 to 7

Twelve-year-old Ace (the original sleuth’s son) finds missing mutts and more. ($24.98, Warner Home Video) Rated PG, 5 to 9

You’ll be yo (ho-ho) on this upbeat pirate-themed CD, which includes silly musical treasures like “Never Smile at a Crocodile.” ($15, Scabbydisc Records) 5 to 8

Kids will flip for these hilarious, realistic birds. ($7, Tricycle Press) 1 1/2 to 3

A boy and his granddad visit the zoo, counting all the cool creatures they see. A wild way to help younger kids learn their numbers. ($16, Clarion Books) 3 to 5

He’s a car with a crazy ambition — to soar in the sky like the airplanes he tows all day. Will his dreams take flight? ($15, Anchor Bay) 2 to 5

Amanda usually loves her b-day, but No. 11’s a bust. She’s relieved that it’s over — until it keeps going! A Groundhog Day for tweens. ($17, Scholastic) 9 to 12

Find blissful pop music on this CD and DVD. It’s Nickelodeon meets Pink Floyd. ($20, Apple-Eye Productions) 3 and up

Get a warm and fuzzy feeling from watching cuddly animals snuggle in this board book. ($6, Play Bac) Birth to 1 1/2

This Disney flick tells the tale of a brave squash. Trust us, you won’t vegetate. ($30, Walt Disney Studios) Rated G, 5 to 7