3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Greener

by Leah Konen

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Greener

What you and your family can do to help

Put your kid on “green duty.” He can close open fridge doors, shut off the TV that no one’s watching, and turn off dripping sink faucets. You’ll save electricity, water, and money — and he’ll love having an
important job.


Get creative with arts and crafts. Toss catalogs, junk mail, and other “art supplies” — from candy wrappers to bottle caps — into a box. You’ll be amazed at what your kid can make (a 3-D truck picture, perhaps?).


Look beyond soda bottles. Many recycling centers accept sippy cups and baby bottles. To see if one near you does, enter your zip code and the recycling num-bers on the bottoms at