3 Kid-Friendly Yoga Moves

by Maura Rhodes

3 Kid-Friendly Yoga Moves

Easy, fun yoga positions for your child

Yoga's good for more than boosting your body, mind, and spirit: It can help your child in certain sticky situations, too. Some kid-friendly moves, courtesy of Marcie Wallace, a senior yoga instructor at Lotus Yoga in Montclair, NJ:

To head off a tantrum

If there's a meltdown on the horizon, tell your tot to lie on her back and pedal her arms and legs in the air while saying "ha, ha, ha" in sync with the movement. Before she knows it, she'll be giggling like a little goose.

To wind down before bed

Have your child lie on her back with her legs straight up against a wall and her arms outstretched. Place a lightweight toy on her tummy. Tell her to breathe in, so that her belly puffs up and the object rises. Have her slowly release the breath to a count of five. Repeat until she's relaxed.

To shoo off ants in the pants

Ask your impatient imp to stand with her feet together, arms by her side. Have her bend her right leg and place her foot on the inside of her left thigh. When she's balanced, she can raise her arms overhead, palms together; count to ten, then cue her to switch.