5 Simple Ways Kids Can Help the Environment

by Celeste J. Lim

5 Simple Ways Kids Can Help the Environment

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with simple, eco-inspired activities for the whole family

ECO-COOK Make local foods the centerpiece of your dinners this month. Let your kids help you check for specially labeled items at your grocery store, or, better still, head for the farmers market.

COMPOST See how to turn your leftover food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich soil for your veggie and flower gardens at (search “compost”).

WATCH Learn about environmental issues through films like Wall·E or, for bigger kids, the PG-rated An Inconvenient Truth.

SURF Show your child that saving the environment can be fun by playing games such as Barney and Friends Clean Up ( Older kids will enjoy Adventures With Bobby Bigfoot (

MAKE Instead of dumping a plastic milk jug in the recycling bin, turn it into a bird feeder. Cut a strip out of the side opposite the handle, fill it with birdseed, and set it on a flat rock or other protected spot.