4 Things to Do While Baby Sleeps

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4 Things to Do While Baby Sleeps

4 things to do (and two things not to do) so you can make the most of your free time at night

Ah, bliss. The baby’s down for the night. To make the most of your precious time, try these tips from mom and life coach Carley Knobloch:

Set a timer. You open your laptop to return an e-mail but an hour later all you’ve done is web-surf. Instead, earmark the first 20 minutes for your “musts” (reply to your mom, order diapers), then search for the best sandal bargain (psst…we love
Break a big job down. Whether it’s filing recipes into a binder, arranging photos into an album, or working on a craft project, devoting even a few minutes to an ongoing task will give you a feeling of accomplishment toward something that’s just for you.
List it. You’ll sleep better if you get what’s on your mind — groceries, work, or baby to-dos — down on paper.
Be calm. Before you hit the sack, sip herbal tea, stretch, try an aroma­therapy cream. Life is stimulating; you deserve a Zen moment.
Final note: No dishes or toy pickup! Do that while your baby is awake (not every hour together has to be quality time) or delegate to your partner.