5 Creative Crafts

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5 Creative Crafts

Boost your child’s imagination with these crafty toys and games

This cardboard furniture is like a massive 3-D coloring book. It’ll keep them busy at dinners, birthday parties, and rainy-day playdates. And it can really be used: The chairs hold up to 150 pounds! (Table and four chairs, $49.95;

Each Alex Make a Monster Mask kit yields three different papier-mâché masks. The frustration factor is low, thanks to easy-to-use molds. The scary, happy, or silly finished product can be worn or hung. ($24;

Creepies, crawlies, and all manner of creatures take form as your child bends Noodles. Each set comes with 40 of these pipe cleaners on steroids (19 inches long!) and an activity book. ($40;

Every elementary-age girl we know loves to make friendship bracelets. We’re betting yours is no different. This kit is a dream come true, with 200+ beads and stiff, easy-to-string cords. ($16.99;

Crowns, helmets, wigs, even headdresses…little mad hatters can make them all, armed with What Can You Do With a Paper Bag? The book comes with 26 bags, enough for all the projects. ($19.95;