Best Cities 2010: Riverside, CA

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Best Cities 2010: Riverside, CA

Home of 52 parks (and the first navel orange tree), Riverside, California offers outdoor sports and fun

City: Riverside

State: California

Best Cities Overall Rank: 79

About Riverside:

Vitamin C rocks! The first navel orange tree in the U.S. was grown in Riverside, CA.

Take a break with the kids and check out one of the 52 parks in Riverside, which cover more than 2,700 acres and allow residents and visitors to enjoy a variety of sporting and outdoor activities.

County: Riverside

Population: 295,357

Official website for city visitors’ bureau/city: Visitors’ bureau website

Newspaper with the largest circulation: Riverside Press-Enterprise

Riverside blogs:

Riverside Art Museum
Apartment by the Riverside

Riverside‘s Facebook page: Follow Riverside on Facebook

Riverside‘s Twitter page: Follow Riverside on Twitter


Education rank: 98

High School graduation rate 2008: 86.20%

Blue Ribbon Schools, 2003-2009: 2

Blue Ribbon Schools per 100,000 people: 0.68

NEAYC-accredited preschools: 5

NAEYC schools per 100,000 people: 1.69

NAEP State proficiency reading, grade 8: 253

Pupil/Teacher Ratio: 24.30

Total Expenditures Per Student: $9,674


Health rank: 99

Quality children’s hospitals: 0

Hospitals per 100,000 people: 0

Quality Pediatricians: 1

Quality Pediatricians per 100,000: 0.34

Average number of Unhealthy Air Quality days between 2006-2008, by county: 24


Safety rank: 27

Violent Crimes, 2008: 1,922

Violent Crime Rate per 100,000: 650.74

Sex Offenders: 386

Sex Offenders per 100,000: 130.69


Economy rank: 98

Travel time to work, 2006-2008, in minutes: 29.30

Percent of labor force unemployed, January 2010: 15

Best Performing Cities Job Index: 991.97

Median Home Sale Price: $198,200

5-Year Home Value Index: -11.59%

Percent of homes sold for a loss: 49.79%


Recreation Rank: 60

Parkland acreage, 2008 (includes pools and playgrounds): 2,905

Parkland per 100,000: 983.556


Photo courtesy of Bent Corydon