Best Cities 2010: 5 Worst Cities for Safety

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Best Cities 2010: 5 Worst Cities for Safety

The bottom cities on our list need to work on creating safer communities for families. What do you think: did we get it right? Plus, find out what cities ranked the worst in education and health

Of the cities and towns we surveyed, these five were on the bottom of the list in the safety category, judging by rates of violent crime, which include murder, rape, assault and robbery. Surprisingly, the Midwest is home to four of the five communities on our worst list. Here, we round up the un-safest cities in our survey.

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(Our list was compiled by using a list of the top 100 cities by population, adding in well-known smaller cities too, and removing cities so close to other large cities that they would have similar data. Then we crunched numbers in two safety criteria categories to come up with our list.)

Orlando, FL
With more than 3,000 violent crimes committed in 2008, the city of DisneyWorld’s “Happiest Place on Earth,” still has some serious work to do.

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St. Louis, MO

With ones of the worst crime rates of all the cities we surveyed (only Las Vegas ranks lower), St. Louis needs to clean up its act to be a safer place to raise kids.

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Detroit, MI

The motor city has its work cut out for it. Also coming in on our unhealthiest cities list, Detroit also has a dismal crime rate.

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Kansas City, MO

Nearly 6,000 burglaries and other violent crimes took place in Kansas City in 2009, earning it a spot on our worst list.

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Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is working to clean up violent crime, but a large number of sex offenders still call the city home.

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