Best Green Pans

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Best Green Pans

Go green for your health with these great picks for eating and drinking

This skillet isn’t just red and cute: It’s safe for your family. Because the metal’s encased in enamel, there’s no dangerous chemical coating or metal transfer into your food. ($235,

You don’t have to give up non-stick just because they’re prone to peeling — and contaminating food. This one is free of the nasty chemicals you usually find in non-stick, and has a hard surface that won’t peel anyway. ($70,

Starting to worry about all the bad plastics that have been in the news? This new line of water bottles is BPA-free, so you can refill them all summer with a totally clear conscience. We especially love the toddler-sized one: Easy to grip, with a spill proof top. ($9.25-$12,

If you want to skip the plastic altogether, stainless steel looks sharp and keeps your family safe. In enough colors to satisfy your pickiest family members (the pink benefits breast cancer research, by the way: Could you be doing any more good with these bottles?!) ($20-$28,