Best iPad Apps for Kids

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Best iPad Apps for Kids

Step up your tablet's gaming options with these iPad apps for children of all ages.

Laugh & Learn Shapes & Colors Music Show for Baby
Even the youngest members of the family can get in on the iPad action with this Fisher-Price app. Babies can play with colorful shapes and dance to their favorite sing-along songs.
Price: Free

Press Here: The App
This app brings the New York Times-bestseller picture book "Press Here" by Hervé Tullet to life. Players of all ages can explore the free-play mode by touching the bouncing dots on the screen to create new sounds and results. For a more guided experience, check out the 14 other simple games and activities.
Price: $1.99

Trucks HD
Do you have a truck lover in the family? In Trucks HD, kids can run trucks through the mud and the car wash. Bulldozers, tow trucks and garbage trucks are just a few of the other vehicles your tot can drive in the games.
Price: $1.99

Your mini maestro has to start somewhere. Enter PianoBall, an app that lets kids explore the sounds of the piano, saxophone, xylophone and drums all in one place. Your tablet can teach them up to 10 children's songs, or they can just play along and enjoy the music.
Price: $0.99

PBS Kids Video
The PBS Kids Video app allows kids to search and stream videos from their favorite PBS shows in a safe environment. With parenting controls and new videos uploaded every week, this is sure to be a hit with parents and kids alike.
Price: Free

Bugs and Buttons
Explore mazes, counting, sorting and more with Bugs and Buttons, which is filled with 18 mini games involving—wait for it—colorful bugs and buttons! For more insect-filled fun, download the sequel: Bugs and Buttons 2.
Price: $2.99

Star Walk and Solar Walk
Go stargazing in the backyard with Star Walk, an app that turns your iPad into a real-time sky chart able to identify stars and constellations. If you have a budding astronaut on your hands, check out Solar Walk. This app lets users explore every part of the galaxy, from the moons of Jupiter and the internal structure of Mars to the artificial satellites orbiting Earth.
Price: $2.99 and $2.99

WWF Together
The award-winning WWF Together iPad app from the World Wildlife Fund is an experience both adults and children can enjoy. Clean, modern designs create a relaxing user experience as you meet and learn about the world's endangered animals such as jaguars, elephants and giant pandas. You'll love features like "tiger vision," stunning photos and an interactive globe to see how far you live from the different animals.
Price: Free

Ansel and Clair: Little Green Island HD
Create your own island and then save its environment. Battle pollution bugs, reduce vehicle pollution, create alternative fuels and more through 18 levels of play. Kids will learn to be environmentally conscious as they learn about pollution, green energy and cause-and-effect with firsthand experience in the game.
Price: $1.99

Princess Fairy Tale Maker
Are your kids getting tired of the same old princess stories? Let them create their own fairy tales! Anything can happen when they add their voice to characters and combine them with nearly 200 stickers and more than 30 animated scenes. They can add even more scenes by drawing their own.
Price: $1.99

Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference
Explore more than 700 dinosaurs with the National Geographic Society's Ultimate Dinopedia app! Your pint-sized paleontologist can learn the latest information on dino sizes, skin colors and fun facts. Stats on dinosaurs in the app include where they were found, what fossils have been retrieved and how many millions of years ago the creatures walked the planet.
Price: $4.99

Inspired by visual coding languages, Tynker is a fun way for kids to learn basic programming concepts. As they beat the puzzles in the adventure, kids will also build spatial visualization, algorithmic thinking and logic and loop variations. If they love the first adventure that includes 20 levels, additional scenarios can be purchased within the app.
Price: Free

Kids can learn the value of money in a whole new way with Dinorama. As owners of their own dinosaur zoo, they have to build habitats, hire employees and save money in their "piggy" bank for rainy days.
Price: $2.99

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity
Whether they have an interest in science or are supplementing their schoolwork, kids can use this iPad app to discover the basics of magnetism and electricity. No rush here; they can go through lessons at their pace and use the summaries and glossary to reinforce what they hear and read. After a lesson, they can test their knowledge with fun experiments and mini games.
Price: $3.99

Stack the States
Bring geography lessons to life by learning state capitals, shapes, locations and flags with fun games and quizzes. Unlock the states and four games within the app by answering questions correctly. Master the concepts you learn with the state flash cards and chart your progress with a personalized map of the United States.
Price: $0.99