Big News Times Two

by Leah And Eric - Boot Camp Family

Big News Times Two

I have a secret to tell.


I am 21 weeks pregnant! Eric and I are really excited! Of course, I am also nervous at the same time.

About two weeks after we found out we were expecting, we also found out that we should expect a deployment. Eric would be leaving about 2.5 months after the baby's birth. I just about wanted to go insane. When Eric enlisted and was sent to Georgia, I moved here from Rhode Island so we could be a family. And yet it seems we are determined to be apart.

Immediately, I started plotting my move back home. I couldn't see how I could live in "a foreign land" with two babies. It is so hard for me now, with him here. At least at home I'd have help with childcare, because my mother in law and sister would help out, as they did the first time. It made a world of difference in my stress levels. Plus, one of my long-term goals is to go back to school to finish my Master's degree. There is just so much more opportunity employment wise and of course financially with a Master's. What better time to go to school then when you are unemployed, your husband is deployed, and you have family to watch the kids?

But since that news, Eric's military job has changed and his chance for deployment in September has also changed. We will find out in April exactly when he will be leaving, but it won't be for at least a year from then, so at least we'll get a little more time together. Also, since I started the budgeting process, I'm starting to look at finances differently and now I'm not so sure that it makes so much sense to move back home. I'm getting used to my life here, so it will be a little easier on me than I originally thought. Plus, I had planned on moving into my Nana's, but she is very elderly and has decided to sell her house, so that's not an option anymore. I have a friend who would love for me to move into her duplex, but it would be cramped and the rent is not cheap enough for the inconvenience. The cost of living also is so much higher in the north than in the south. I'm going to keep thinking about it.

In the meantime, I was happy to learn that we are having another girl, because I have all my daughter's hand me downs, bedding etc. The girls will be sharing a bedroom, which in the long run will mean huge savings. My mother-in-law bought me my double stroller last week and I have an acquaintance that's offered to let us borrow a toddler bed for our daughter. I really just need to budget for diapers etc… and I have already figured that if I cut out the bells and whistles on the cable, that that expense is covered.

So secret's out–surprise!