Breeze Through Yard Work

by Amy Roberts

Breeze Through Yard Work

Tired of spending a good chunk of your weekend making your lawn look nice (nice enough to keep the neighbors from talking, anyway)? So are we. Here, tips from Extreme Makeover Home Edition‘s designer, Eduardo Xol, on how to keep a beautiful yard  — without spending hours at it:

Water wisely. The best time to douse the lawn and plants is in the evening, when they’ll absorb the most moisture. (Get the kids outside and hose them down, too, and maybe you can skip the bath tonight!)

Choose the right plants. Steer clear of annuals (like marigolds), which you’ll
have to replant each year. Instead, go for perennials (like daylilies).

Outsmart weeds. To keep them from sprouting through your walkway, pour white vinegar in the cracks (it’s a natural weed killer). In garden areas, cover plants with mulch to keep weeds from sprouting.