Bringing Your Child to the Office

by Lisa Tucker Mcelroy

Bringing Your Child to the Office

Do let coworkers know ahead of time that you’ll be bringing your child. You might send an e-mail the day before.
Don’t bring your child if your office needs to convey a professional impression (if clients are in and out of the office all day, for instance).

Do pick a time when the office is less busy, such as lunch hour, for introductions. Ask co-workers whether they’re free before entering their work space.
Don’t ask colleagues to look after your child while you attend a meeting or do other tasks; it’s not their job.

Do have activities for him so he won’t draw on your papers or, worse, someone else’s. In a pinch, sticky notes, a few envelopes, and junk mail can keep him busy.
Don’t allow your child to play with equipment like copiers and faxes (“Guess what, Mommy? I called China!”). Explain as soon as he gets there what’s off-limits.

Do limit your child’s stay to a few hours.
Don’t bring him in for too long, or he may not be able to behave and will be more likely to get in people’s way.

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