Beat Business Travel Blues

by Janene Mascarella

Beat  Business Travel Blues

Here’s some advice for working parents who want to stay in touch with the kids while on the road

Put down the snow globe, and step away from the duty-free kiosk. We get it: Nearly 60 percent of married-couple households with children have two working parents, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. For many moms and dads, that means work-related travel. So we asked a few frequently flying parents what they do to stay connected.


“My husband plans a homecoming with my daughter. There’s always a tea party or little celebration—complete with homemade decorations! It gives her something to look forward to.”
—Sara Keagle, flight attendant and blogger,


“I created a YouTube channel where my daughter, Sabrina, can watch videos I upload while traveling. It’s a place where she can see what Daddy is up to.”
—Grant Cardone, motivational speaker and host of TurnAround King


“I bought myself and my child the same small stuffed animal. I take photos with mine on the trip and e-mail them back home. Meanwhile, my daughter can give love to its stuffed sibling at home.”
—Amanda Carman, momtrepreneur and founder of


“Before I leave, I prepare their favorite meals: turkey soup, baked drumsticks, and lasagna. Then I call them as they’re waiting for things to be heated up. This allows us to share the all-important family-dinner time together.”
—Jessica Kim, CEO of BabbaCo