Career-Day Survival

by Deborah Skolnik

Career-Day Survival

When you’re invited to talk to your child’s class about your job, here’s what to say to that sea of small faces:

Ask the teacher for a list of kids’ typical questions so you can cover what interests them, says Catherine Manin, a first-grade teacher at Green-acres School in Scarsdale, NY.

Find a simple way to explain your job. Have your child describe to you what you do-you’ll get an idea of the words to use (and have a chance to correct any misconceptions!).

Bring props, if possible. Visual aids are helpful. If your company makes a product, show it, if you can. Failing that, a trinket  — like pens with your company’s logo  — can be a hit.

Describe how your job builds on interests you had as a child and what schooling you needed to get where you are.

Be frank. Kids want to know what you like about your job  — but also what you don’t. (Their favorite answer to that second part: “It takes me away from my children.”)