Celebrate Earth Day

by Amy Roberts

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day (April 22) is a perfect holiday for school-age kids. They’re getting more interested in big issues like the environment, and they tend to think they can do anything  — even change the world! To tap into that optimism, try these tips from Marybeth Lorbiecki, author of Planet Patrol: A Kids’ Action Guide to Earth Care:

Teach your child to appreciate nature. Together, plant some fast-germinating flowers like marigolds, or a pea in a paper cup, and watch them grow. Or attract birds by filling an upside-down trash-can lid with water to create a birdbath.

Wise up about water. Plug the sink while he brushes his teeth with the water running so he learns how much is wasted down the drain (about five gallons in just a few minutes!).

Watch your trash. Collect everything your family throws out in one day in a single bag or bin. “Once he sees how much trash there is, he’ll be motivated to help sort cans and newspapers,” says Lorbiecki.