Children at Play…at Work

by Barbara Rowley

Children at Play…at Work

Bringing your child to work is never the best option if you actually want to be productive. But when it’s your only choice, you can improvise activities with office supplies (and  — just maybe  — get some work done):


  • If you can open a window, tape strips of paper to the side of your desk so your infant can watch them flutter in the breeze from her carrier.

  • Stick Post-it notes on her arm, along the handle of her car seat, or even on her tummy, and let her try to pull them off.

  • Slip family photos from your desk into clear sheet protectors for your baby to look at (and safely mouth).


  • Show your child how to press the eraser of an unsharpened pencil onto a stamp pad, then make circle designs on paper.

  • Cut a slit in a cardboard box for her to slip business cards into.

  • Make a ball out of a wad of securely taped paper, so she can shoot hoops into your trash can.


  • Tape a few business cards together (blank sides up) to make a little book for illustrating.

  • Grab a flip chart; he can design his own presentations.

  • Ask him to sort your magazines or to put your colored folders into piles by hue. He’ll really feel that he’s helping.