Cool Summer Activities

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Cool Summer Activities

Beat the heat with these easy, breezy crafts and recipes

Perfect for afternoon sprawling, this kid-size adirondack chair is made of 100 percent sustainably harvested and FSC-certified wood. In yellow (shown) and five other colors. ($69;

An eco-friendly way to chill out? Accordion-fold a three-foot length of sturdy wrapping or craft paper about four inches wide, starting at the narrow end. Glue an ice-pop stick inside the fold on each end to form handles. Glue sticks together; decorate with paper cutouts, ribbon, or glitter.

Serve fruit salad, sorbet, pretzels — any treat — in these soft and colorful silicone cups. Cute wire holders keep them upright when not happily clutched in little hands. (Cups or holders, set of four, $5 per set, by Back to Basics; Target stores)

Cut colored plastic straws so they will fit snugly in ice-cube tray compartments. Fill tray halfway with water, then freeze. Place the straw pieces horizontally on top of ice, fill trays to the top with water, and freeze solid. Remove cubes and string on cord or ribbon. Tie around child’s neck, ankle, or wrist. (Best for kids 3 and up.)

Make frozen treats with star-shaped ice-pop molds; a silicone insert lets you freeze two flavors in one. (Set of six molds, $15, by Martha Stewart at Macy’s;

Our favorite recipe:

  • Puree 1 cup each sliced strawberries (or blueberries or bananas) and low-fat vanilla yogurt in blender until smooth, about 30 seconds. (If you want chunkier pops, puree 15 seconds.)
  • Pour into molds; insert sticks. Freeze four hours, or overnight. (No molds? Pour 1/2 cup puree into a paper cup, cover with foil, and insert an ice-pop stick. Freeze as directed.)

When you’re having a crowd, load this enamelware tub, decorated with
classic Disney characters, with ice and drinks. ($29.50;

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