WeeSpring Makes it Easier to Select Baby “Essentials”

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

WeeSpring Makes it Easier to Select Baby “Essentials”

WeeSpring helps you crowdsource which products you need and which you can leave on the shelf.

It’s easy for expectant parents to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices out there when it comes to baby gear, baby food, baby diapering and everything else related to raising a little one. If you walk into any Babies ‘R Us, you can recognize the first-time parents by their deer-in-headlights look in the stroller section. And every baby-focused website has a long list of “essentials” or “must haves” when it comes to newborn care, many of which just aren’t really that necessary.

I’m pregnant with my third and since it has been a few years since my last pregnancy, I’m amazed at all the new products that have emerged and am constantly discovering new, great gewgaws that other friends have come to rely on. And that’s the ticket for getting the best information – relying on experienced parents who are in the thick of it and in most cases, have done the research themselves, so you don’t have to!

Plus:’s Guide to Baby Gear

WeeSpring capitalizes on this knowledge and lets you create a quasi-social network of parents in your circle that you can rely on for recommending which products you need and which you can leave on the shelf.

There are a couple ways you can get started. By joining through Facebook, you can see which of your friends already uses the service and get a peek at their purchases and ratings. I stopped using Facebook a while back, so opted instead to sign in using my email address, and still have access to ratings and reviews from other weeSpring parents. I can always invite trusted friends to the site so they can impart their knowledge.

weeSpring lets you see what other parents are buying

If you are just browsing and want to see other parent reviews, there are a handful of categories to choose from, including Go (strollers, carseats); Eat (bottles, feeding, snacks); Sleep (swings, cribs); and, well, you get the gist. You can also browse by parents and see the items they have stored in their profiles and see what they have personally loved and those they wished they hadn’t purchased.

All of this helpful knowledge takes some of the stress away from the urge to buy everything that’s a “must have,” and lets new and veteran parents-to-be focus on what’s really worth it.

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