Dad Pays Daughter To Quit Facebook

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

Dad Pays Daughter To Quit Facebook

Paul Baier offered his 14-year-old daughter $200 to quit the social network

I’ve covered some interesting stories about how parents react to their kids online lives. There was the dad who shot his daughter’s laptop after reading one of her Facebook posts, the mom who posted a photo of her daughter on Facebook with an “x” over her mouth, and, of course, the recent story of the dad who hired online assassins to kill of his son’s video game character.   

Now, a Boston dad has offered his daughter cold hard cash if she agreed to quit her favorite social network. Paul Baier, recently posted a “deactivation contract” on his Practical Sustainability blog, awarding his 14-year-old daughter $200 (broken out over two installments) to get off of Facebook. According to Baier, it was his daughter’s idea, and according to the contract, it’s so she can buy “stuff.”

Dad pays daughter $200 to get off Facebook

Baier states on his blog that he supports this decision “fully.” As part of his contract, Baier’s daughter will grant him access to her account, allowing him to create a new password to see the deactivation through. In return, she will receive $50 up front and then $150 in June.

As usual, when it comes to any kind of parenting issue, online commentators alternately praise and vilify the dad, calling him a good dad, a bad parent, and many other colorful words in between.

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