Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

by Leah And Eric - Boot Camp Family

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

A month ago, a kind reader wrote in suggesting that I look into attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I was under the impression that this was a free course offered at the base, but it’s neither. Still, I was curious to find out more so I Googled it. I found out that there is a class in my area, at a church just 7 minutes from my house! Coincidentally, it was starting up the first week in January, and they were offering a free preview this last Wednesday. I decided to go.

This is a weekly, 3-month program and it does cost money. With materials, it’s $96. But, emailing with the class leader, I found out the class is two hours starting at 6 pm — so it’s at a time when my husband can care for our daughter — and they offer childcare, so if there comes a night when he won’t be home in time, I can still go. They even offer dinner, if I want to get there earlier! Being at a church, it’s a good way to meet people and get spiritually connected. (Plus, because you pay for the class through the church, it’s a tax deduction!) The leader’s son-in-law is in the military and will be leaving his daughter with a one year old to go on deployment, so he understands what I am going through.

On Wednesday, the preview mainly consisted of a viewing of a DVD that went over the class topics, video testimony of actual people that have attended the course and the group leaders discussing their past financial problems and how this class helped them and others. Afterwards, I stayed behind while everyone else left. I really liked the feeling of personalization that I got when speaking with the leaders. I believe that God placed me there for a reason, because it’s an unbelievable coincidence that the class is so convenient to me, and they were offering the preview only two days after I inquired. (They said that they haven't done a free preview class in years!)

In another coincidence, the chaplain from base arrived at the end of the class. The group leaders said he often refers soldiers to them.

I signed up that night.

I have a feeling that the soldiers the chaplain refers may not have to actually pay for the class, so I’ll look into reimbursement. And I’m still planning to go to the free counseling session on base in the future. But I believe that this weekly group meeting will be a positive motivator for me and increase the likelihood of change, not just for the short term but for the long term. I’ll walk away with tools I can put to use. I have spent $100 on so many frivolous things in the past, but I think this $100 is an investment and therefore money well spent.