The Deadline for Selling My House is TODAY

by Leah And Eric - Boot Camp Family

The Deadline for Selling My House is TODAY

I placed my house in Rhode Island on the market this March, and had a closing date by the end of June. But the banks would not come to an agreement, so I lost the sale and ultimately the buyers.

My second buyer came shortly after, in July. The closing was to be at the end of September. Then, at the 11th hour, I got a call from my lawyer, requesting money that I didn't have — money that I was never informed that I would need to bring to the closing.

I then had to call the real estate agent to request that she lower her fees. I called the bank and they informed me that the closing may happen, or they may decide that going into foreclosure may be a better option for them. My thoughts: This is real. I needed help, like, yesterday. I don't know what to do.

I wanted the short sale because I believed that it would not have as negative an effect on my credit score as a foreclosure would. But every time I’ve asked my lawyer these kinds of questions, I get inconclusive answers. He told me to call the credit bureaus.

As of right now, I have offered $3,000 towards that closing. I really don't have the money and I am not sure if it was a good idea, but the offer is on the table. I still haven't heard back from the bank, though, and it’s been a week and a half. Yesterday, I received an email from the buyer’s real estate agent — the buyer has been looking at houses and if they do not hear from me by today, they are going to put an offer in on another house.

It looks like I might be going into foreclosure after all.

Family Budget Boot Camp - Leah's House 
This is the front view of our house. Eric is on the far right checking out his work. Rueger — my dog that I had to put up for adoption — is on the right, checking me out. (I adopted him within one month of closing on my house.) The landscaping is newer — we ripped out some 50 yr. old bushes in the spring of 2006.

Family Budget Boot Camp - Leah's House
The side view of our house. This shot was taken 2 days after we returned from our honeymoon. While we were away, we had a fence installed. Eric also thought it would be nice to partially enclose our patio so that it would be cozier. After one day of recoup from vacation, he got right to work and had it in his head that he would get it done in two days.