Is the Debt Going Down?

by Karen Lee - Boot Camp Advisor

Is the Debt Going Down?

This week I focused on getting ready for my next week's appointment with Leah and Eric. I spent a lot of time on the websites learning more about military benefits and talked to Terry Howell, managing editor of But I will save my thoughts on that process for next week's blog.

As I prepared my financial plan for Leah and Eric, I wondered to myself if the debt numbers that Leah reported to me in October, when we started this process, were the same. I realized that if I get an updated balance from Leah, I'll have an idea of how much debt reduction (or lack thereof) they have accomplished. I'm worried that the outstanding debt IS NOT being reduced at a rate of Leah's monthly unemployment, or worse yet, it could have increased. But nevertheless, I asked Leah to get me all debt updated balances when we spoke this week. She has to get those numbers together anyway, for the Dave Ramsey classes as well as the Ft. Benning financial counselors.

I was curious when Leah would revisit with the financial counselors at Ft. Benning, and she told me she had 30 days from intake (which was Dec 21), to book her next appointment. She finally got her daughter's medical records from RI, and she needs to pick up the local ones and turn them in to the base daycare, so she’ll have access to childcare next time she needs it… But I reminded her that with the holidays, those 30 days are only about 10 more days, so this needs to be a priority. Leah assured me that it was! In fact, it is such a priority that because we couldn't talk at our regularly scheduled weekly time, she declined an opportunity to go out with friends (for a free event) during the weekend, in order to have her talk with me. It made me feel good to know that her financial well-being is becoming a priority! I'm praying the counselors will be able to negotiate some debt reduction on her behalf. It will REALLY help!