Facebook Apologizes to Mom for Blocking Breastfeeding Pictures

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

Facebook Apologizes to Mom for Blocking Breastfeeding Pictures

Facebook apologized to Kristy Kemp for blocking her for posting images of a nursing mother on a pro-breastfeeding page

There has been a ongoing debate about what is considered censorship and what is up to each individual user when it comes to posting pictures on a Facebook newsfeed. It’s likely that Facebook has a whole team of people and/or special tech algorithms to monitor and flag anything that is questionable, but when it comes to pictures of a breastfeeding mom, who wins?

In the case of Kristy Kemp from Sacramento, Facebook initially won the battle. Kemp leads a breastfeeding support group called  Breastfeeding/MamaTalk which has a Facebook page and more than 4,300 fans around the country. Images she posted to the page were quickly removed by the company, which in turn blocked from the page.

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“It’s not right. I’m trying to do good for mothers and I’m getting kicked off for posting pictures of the most beautiful act a mother can do her for kid. It’s not right,” She told a local news station

Facebook eventually withdrew its block and issued Kemp an apology saying that it was a mistake. It isn’t exactly clear what is permissable wand what it considered over the line when it comes to breastfeeding pictures. It seems general nursing photos are OK, but images of fully exposed breasts are not.

Facebook breastfeeding

In the end, Kemp got her breastfeeding page back and her ability to post photos of this “beautiful act,” so she has won the battle, for now. 

Do you think Facebook was too rash in its initial decision to block Kemp’s photos?

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