Family Life

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Family Life

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“After the long winter, we go on family scavenger hunts, looking for signs of spring around the farms and woods by our neighborhood.”

-Marcy Korpalski, Holly, MI

“We pack big lunches and go to the national park for a picnic-or just make PB&Js and head to the front yard. Everything tastes better outside, and the kids love the chance to run wild.”

-Katie Kellner, Whittier, NC

“I walk my girls down to the lake near our house so we can feed the ducks. My daughters love tossing them bread and ‘talking’ to them by shouting ‘quack-quack!'”

-Elizabeth Donovan, Fairfax, VA

“My kids and I splash in a huge mud puddle that forms in our backyard from rain and melting snow. If it’s warm enough, we take off our shoes and wear shorts.”

-Leah Herman, Portage, MI

“We go to the nursery and pick up flowers for the whole family to plant. Our four-year-old chooses a special one just for her to take care of through the season.”

-Donna King, Smithtown, NY

“The first thing my son and I do when the nice weather comes is tune up our bikes and hit the trails for fresh air and exercise.”

-Lori Heimerl, Madison, WI

“We do crafts out on our patio. This year, my two boys are going to help me make stepping stones for our walkway.”

-Heather Pierog, Emmaus, PA

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