Fitness Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Family?

by Shaun Dreisbach

Fitness Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Family?

Take this quick health assessment to get a sense of what areas might need improvement.

1. How many times a week does your family eat out?

A.     0 to 3
B.     3 to 5
C.     They know our names at Chick-fil-A and Olive Garden.

2. How often are you active together?

A.     We try to do something most days, even if it's just playing Wii.
B.     We don't have time during the week, but on weekends we almost always do something—like go swimming or bike riding.
C.     Does chasing them around to put on their pajamas count?

3. How many hours a day do your children spend in front of the TV or computer, or playing video games?

A.     0 to 1
B.     1 to 2
C.     2 to 4

4. If we were to peer inside your grocery cart, would we find mainly fresh, lean meats and produce—or bags, boxes, and cans of prepared foods?

A.     Mainly fresh stuff
B.     About half and half
C.     Mainly packaged foods

5. How many days a week do you, as a parent, exercise? 

A.     Most days of the week
B.     2 to 4 days a week
C.     Only the week after New Year's

6. Does your family have access to public recreation facilities (parks, playgrounds, bike trails, etc.)?

A.     Yes, and we use them regularly.
B.     Yes, but it's a little bit of a drive.
C.     Not that I know of.

How Did You Do? I Answers…

Mostly A's 

You're doing great—keep up the good work! To boost your family's health quotient even more, take a look at any B or C answers you had and work toward improving them (e.g., more veggies, less screen time).

Mostly B's

Looks like your family is doing pretty well—but you can definitely do even better! Use the A answers as your guide to what to shoot for, and see if you can add in another exercise session per week, eat out less, or get out and enjoy the great outdoors as a family.

Mostly C's

You seem to be struggling in the diet-and-exercise department. Help is here! You might also want to look over the quiz's answers again: The A answers are what you should be aiming for, but take it slowly! Trying to totally overhaul your eating and fitness habits all at once is a recipe for failure; it's just too much for anyone to handle. Make one small change at a time—say, eating at home one more time a week instead of going out or finding a local park or playground, even if it's a few miles away. You'll get there!