Florida Community Wants to Outlaw Kids Playing Outside

by Desiree at

Florida Community Wants to Outlaw Kids Playing Outside

The spring thaw means children will be streaming outside to play in the fresh air—unless they live in the Persimmon Place subdivision in Edgewater, Florida. The subdivision’s Homeowners’ Association wants to ban kids from playing outside and will stick their parents with a $100 fine if they do.

It’s all about safety, says the HOA. The open space around the 48-home community is all parking lot and not designed to be conducive to families, and the association says kids could really get hurt using it as a playground. To keep them safe, neighbors want to ban “the game of tag, skateboarding, Big Wheels, and loud or obnoxious toys.” They also want all children outside to be under the direct supervision of an adult.

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What do you think: it is reasonable to ban outdoor play in a community that’s not geared toward kids? Or has the anti-kid movement (also looking to ban kids from airplanes and restaurants) taken things too far?