Grad School Application: It’s in the Mail!

by Lori - Boot Camp Family

Grad School Application: It’s in the Mail!

Today’s the day. I finished the draft of my writing sample for the master’s program application yesterday and will be polishing it up today and dropping it in the mail. In some ways it feels like a small thing, and in others, it feels like a huge leap. Working on it has confirmed that I’m really looking forward to going to school again, and I really believe it’s the right step for me to take.



I’ve been looking for work as well, and it really serves to confirm school also. After being more focused on the kids the last few years than my own career, my resume isn’t stacking up. I can get “a job” but my ultimate goal is to create an independent life for myself and my kids. The jobs with the salary levels that would get me on my feet are highly competitive positions — and the rejection letters and emails keep coming. So, I need to find a way to compete. And the best answer I’ve found so far is getting my Masters. Having “a job” will be better than nothing while I attend school, but knowing I’m creating something bigger for myself and my kids will give me peace of mind too.

I also found out this week that I do not qualify for unemployment — the job was part time for only a few months, and I didn’t work enough hours. The good news is that November’s expenses are already covered, and I’m still expecting some income which will cover December. So, assuming there are no surprises, I’ll be able to make it until January. If I’m accepted into the masters program, there should be a little additional after classes and books to help provide until a job comes through. Worst case, I’ll be able to get through until my previous job calls me back in the spring.

As Derek keeps pointing out to me, I need to look at making a few short-term trade-offs in order to create a longer-term solution. Going to school and getting “a job” for now, means not being able to move out on my own as soon as I’d hoped, but it does mean I’m building a much stronger foundation for the future.