Great Kitchen Space Savers

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Great Kitchen Space Savers

No more bulging cabinets with these compact cooking tools, approved by moms across the country

With Zevro’s Dial-A-Spice, you can store two, three, or four seasonings in one spot. The compartments (four quarter-size ones and two half-size ones) keep seasonings fresh and separate; just turn the dial to the spice you want to sprinkle. ($15;

“I used to stack spice containers, but they always fell over. Now my spices are neat and organized, and I’m not picking up bottles.”
-Tammy Smith, mom of Nathaniel, 6, and Julia, 18 months, Souderton, PA

The shape and large size of funnels make them space wasters, but not Lamson
& Goodnow’s HotSpot Foldi-Funnel — it crushes to a quarter of
its full size. ($6;

“I love that you can fold it part of the way when you don’t need a long funnel.” –Pam Moody mom of Abby, 2 Minerva, OH

Two slicers plus two graters equals one great gadget: the Zyliss 4-in-1 Slicer and Grater. The plates are easy to insert, and the food holder keeps hands nick-free. ($20;

“It fits into a small drawer, unlike other kitchen hardware, which takes up so much space. And it works well for slicing and grating veggies.” –Leigh Moomey, mom of Sydney, 3, Maumelle, AR

Big mixing bowls are a must for anyone who cooks, but who has room for them? You do! Progressive’s Collapsible Mixing Bowls are barely two inches high when squished. ($10 for 1.5-quart bowl, $13 for 3-quart bowl, $15 for 5-quart bowl;

“These hold more than my old bowls, but are perfect for my small kitchen.”
–Paula Condol, mom of Jolee, 6, and Will, 4, Bismarck, ND

Progressive’s Collapsible Magnetic Measuring Cups can stick on your fridge, so they’ll be within reach when you need them and out of your way when you don’t. ($13; for stores)

“Sticky foods are easy to measure with these — just push up the bottom of the cup to pop peanut butter out!” –Jeanne Shellenberger, mom of Roxanne, 5, and Allen, 2, Gulfport, MS

The Zyliss Mix-n-Measure measuring cups don’t just
store inside each other; their rounded design and skidproof bottoms let them double as little mixing bowls. ($20 for three-piece set with lid;

“They’re the best measuring cups I’ve ever had — the measurements are easy to read from all angles. And if you have room for the largest one, you have room for all three!” –Nancy Bishop, mom of Madeline, 5 Peter, 3, and Daniel, 7 months, Acworth, GA

No counter space? Dice dinner over the sink with Dexas’s Popware Collapsible Strainer Cutting Board. And when you’re done, the colander folds up as flat as the board. ($30;

“It’s much easier to grab just one thing for washing and cutting fruit.”
–Erin Mantz, mom of Max, 6, and Zack, 3, Potomac, MD

It takes the heat
Steam vegetables, boil shrimp, or cook pasta right inside OXO’s Good Grips Silicone Cooking Colander (it easily hooks onto a pot). Lift it over the pot to drain, then push the strainer in for compact storing. ($20;
“This colander can fit almost anywhere! Plus, I can open and close it with just one hand.” –Amanda Knox, mom of Josh, 2, and Lily, 4 months, Bolivia, NC