App of the Week: Felt Cards

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

App of the Week: Felt Cards

Send handwritten cards directly from your iPad with the Felt Cards app. 

Felt Cards
Works on: iOS (iPad only)
Cost: FREE

Greeting card aisles at all the drugstores around the country will be teeming this weekend with last-minute Mother’s Day shoppers. If you’re one of those procrastinators, next time consider using an app like Felt Cards that lets you send beautiful written cards (with your own handwriting!) through the postal mail, directly from your iPad. 

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When you download the free app, you can use it right away (I love that there is no registration required!) and pick a card that suits whatever occasion – whether it’s a birthday, thank you, kids’ thank you, etc. The card opens to a blank page where you can use the in-app tools or your finger to actually write out a personalized message on screen. For best results, I’d recommend using a stylus for more precise and authentic handwriting. 

Felt Cards app for iPad

You can even handwrite the accompanying envelope and then the app prints out your message onto its high-quality cardstock card and sends via postal mail, complete with a beautiful seal, all for just $3.99. Sending a greeting is a nice gesture, but thinking ahead and including a personalized note inside makes it all the more special.


The Felt app for iPad is available for free on iTunes and each card sent is $3.99 including postage. 

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