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Who can play: Two or more people

What you need: Gameboard

How to play: Begin with Game 1. Designate a Word Keeper and at least one Word Guesser. The Word Keeper looks at the answer key and memorizes the phrase. One of the Word Guessers goes first by guessing any letter in the alphabet. If the letter is in the phrase, the Word Keeper fills it in everywhere it appears on the appropriate dash. If the letter isn’t in the phrase, the Word Keeper draws a body part on the gallows, beginning with the head. The Word Guessers take turns guessing letters to complete the phrase. For each wrong letter, a new body part is added. If the Word Keeper draws an entire body before the phrase is completed, he or she wins. If one of the Word Guessers completes or guesses the phrase before an entire body is drawn, he or she wins. The winner gets to be the Word Keeper in the next round. For Game 4, the Word Keeper gets to make up a phrase. Before the game begins, draw dashes in the large blank space, putting one dash for each letter and leaving a space between words.

How to win:The Word Keeper wins by drawing an entire body before the phrase is guessed. The Word Guessers win by completing the phrase or by correctly guessing the phrase before the body is drawn.

Print and play!