Hide a Mess In a Hurry

by Kristin Kane

Hide a Mess In a Hurry

Guests coming? Here’s how to hide that mess quick:

Shoe fix Tie each pair’s laces together (if they have them), then toss ’em into your coat closet. Keeping them linked will make it easier to find each set later.

Vanity sanity Stick all the products cluttering your bathroom counter in a hanging shoe organizer, and put it on the showerhead. Pull the shower curtain closed.

Toy tamer Place tiny toys, like board-game pieces and Barbie’s shoes, into clear, zip-close bags so they don’t get lost. Throw them and any large toys into a laundry basket, and leave it in the washroom.

Gadget control Store iPods, BlackBerries, cell phones, Game Boys  — and their chargers  — inside a pretty opaque vase. Set it on a bookshelf.

Paper cutter Tape reminders and phone messages to the inside of a cupboard door  — they’ll stay out of sight and you won’t misplace that note about calling Grandma back!