Colorful Homemade Lanterns

by Nicole Blum

Colorful Homemade Lanterns

Illuminate the last nights of summer with this easy craft for kids.

  1. Have your child use watercolor paint to decorate sheets of watercolor paper. For the brightest results, have her work with no more than two colors per page. Dry completely.

  2. Cut flower or circle shapes with scissors or craft punches (we used giant hole punchers, found at crafts stores) out of the painted paper.

  3. Apply Mod Podge (an adhesive found at crafts stores) with foam or a paintbrush to the backs of the shapes, making sure to get all the way to the edges.

  4. Apply the shapes in desired position around the outside of a 12-ounce mason jar (found at crafts, thrift or home-goods stores) one at a time, holding in place to ensure the shapes stick well.

  5. Apply Mod Podge evenly all over the jar, stopping at the lid lip, to seal in the paper shapes. Let dry.

  6. Cut two feet of ribbon and wrap it just under the lip of the jar where the cap would screw on. Double-knot one end of the ribbon. You should have an excess of a little more than a foot of ribbon. Take the extra ribbon over the top of the jar to create the handle. Next thread the end under the ribbon that is wrapped around the jar. Tightly pull it and make another double knot, leaving enough ribbon as the handle. Make sure the ribbon is secured tightly under the rim of the lid so the lantern will be safe to hold or hang.

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