Host a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

by Amber At Parenting

Host a Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

You don’t have to be a football fan to throw a kid-friendly Super Bowl party. Instead, quarterback a winning effort with a little planning. Added bonus: The kids will keep you entertained even if the game doesn’t!

Pre-Party Prep:
Help your child cut out construction paper footballs to decorate and send as invites. Encourage guests to wear their favorite football jerseys.

Let older children hang streamers and balloons in your team’s colors. Younger kids can scatter football confetti on colorful tablecloths.

In the Kitchen:
Use a football-shaped cookie cutter to transform sugar cookies into easy-to-decorate game-day treats that your kids will love. Let them top cupcakes with foil-wrapped chocolate footballs.

During the Game:
Many youngsters won’t sit still through the game, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out.

Play Football Pictionary by drawing Super Bowl sights like helmets or goal posts. Act out cheerleader's or referee's roles to turn regular charades into a football-oriented game. Help older children hone language skills with football word searches and scrambles.

Quiz football-savvy children about positions and players. Sneak in math concepts by asking about yardage or time. Add a quick geography lesson about the teams’ hometowns or the host city.

Have other tips to get kids involved in the big game? We'd love to hear them!