How to Make a Toy Sailboat

by admin

How to Make a Toy Sailboat

Learn how to make an easy toy sailboat craft!

For the Raft:

  1. Cut 12 sticks into 6-inch lengths.
  2. Tightly weave two sticks together with a 3-foot piece of string.
  3. Weave in third stick. Repeat with seven more. Knot string.
  4. Weave the other side of the raft the same way. Cut off excess string.
  5. Tie last two sticks under each end of raft with a 10-inch piece of string.

For the Sail:

  1. Cut 6-inch triangle from scrapbook paper; fold in half. Glue craft stick to the crease.
  2. Glue edges of sail together. Attach mast with string.

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