How Your Kids Can Help You With Household Chores

by Jennifer Kelly Geddes

How Your Kids Can Help You With Household Chores

Four household chores your little worker bee can help you with

By this age, children are not only able to perform simple tasks around the house, they're actually willing to do them, too. Kindergartners are a cooperative bunch and enjoy showing off their emerging independence, so ease your burden a bit and take advantage of your little worker bee while you can.

Pillow talk 

Straightening sheets and blankets can be hard for little arms. They can barely reach across a twin size. But if you can live with a few wrinkles, making the bed is kind of fun for kids: they can pull up the covers, toss on the pillows, and pile up the stuffed critters.

Supper club 

Setting the dinner table is a marquee job because the whole family will notice her achievement when they sit down to eat. (It's fine if the forks are on the wrong side, as long as everyone gets one.) Let her add a lego creation or something she made at school to the table as a centerpiece.

Toy story 

Make cleanup time after playdates quick and fun with baskets and bins for holding blocks, dolls, books, and more. All she has to do is toss the items in the right containers and place them on the shelf.


Laundry never ends—sorting, folding, turning things right side out. Have her pair up socks, sort items, and then deliver them to their dresser drawers.