I Got a Job!

by Lori - Boot Camp Family

I Got a Job!

I did it! I got a job! I start on January 4th and am REALLY looking forward to it. Not just for the paycheck, but out of all the interviews I’ve gone on, this is the position I was hoping for the most. It feels really, really good.

I’ve had the debate with myself about whether to take anything that comes along to have a job, or to focus specifically on a job I’d really want. I looked at a few criteria. Salary was a key element, of course. I was looking for at least $3000 a month plus health care coverage. But so were the values of the organization. I wanted to find a job where I could stay long term — 3 to 5 years at least — that would be large enough to allow me to grow both personally and professionally, and would have a place for me to use my degree when I graduate. I wanted a job I could look forward to going into every day. Was I being too picky? Maybe, but I went for it anyway.

And I got exactly what I was looking for — actually, more! It’s with one of the local library systems. I’ll be working in the business office as an administrative assistant. The people I’ve met so far are warm and friendly. The fact that it’s a library makes my day! Not only am I a writer, believe in education and reading, but when I went to college the first time the deciding factor was how the library smelled when I walked through. This matches who I am and I can believe in what I’m supporting every day. Plus, the salary is $3200 a month and will include great benefits — health, vision, dental, disability, life insurance, and a retirement plan!

I know my time with Carie at Boly:Welch made a difference too. In the interview, I took her advice, talking about myself and my previous experience in the way she modeled for me, and at the end, asking the types of questions she suggested. I really loved the responses I got to, “How do you see me fitting in here?” It felt like a risk to ask point blank like that, but I think it’s part of what landed me the job — they identified that I was a fit! Thanks Carie!!

Now my head is spinning around how and when I’ll be able to move out on my own. Most likely it’ll be at least 3 to 6 months out. I have to move by September though at the latest to ensure the kids can stay at their current school (we don’t live in the district right now). In the meantime, I’ll be gathering the information I need, getting my ducks in a row, and squirreling away everything I can to prepare for the future.

So in two weeks everything changes: work starts the 4th, school starts the 7th and I have a feeling 2010 will be a blur after that. And what a blessing all of it is. It’s the best Christmas gift I could have gotten this year!