I Got the Short Sale!!

by Leah And Eric - Boot Camp Family

I Got the Short Sale!!

Friday started out to be a normal, boring day like every other in my life lately — until I opened my email to find that my short sale had finally been approved!!

You would think I would be happy, but alas…I wasn't. Why, you might ask? Because like everything else in life there were conditions attached to this offer. Conditions, which seemed impossible to meet. Too early for me to clearly think about it, I put it aside and moved on with my usual morning routine, which includes a phone call with Karen Lee.

I put the baby down for her nap just minutes before our call. Within minutes of me telling Karen that I hadn't heard from my lawyers, the other line rings, and it's them! The lawyer's assistant proceeds to tell me that they want a closing by Monday or Tuesday, and that she needs my answer within 48 hours.

But one of those conditions involves me coming up with loot I don't have — $3,000 to be exact! I call Karen back and we decide it would be best if we both make a few phone calls. I contacted some resources at Military One Source, an officer from a Family Readiness Group, and the American Red Cross. The Red Cross can't assist me, but comes through by giving me a lead to a resource on base. The military has an emergency relief fund for soldiers, but unfortunately, the amount we requested is greater than what they'd usually give, and it is not usually given for purposes such as mine. But, they do have an "exceptions fund" and my husband would need to come down to pick up the application.

Normally this would be no problem, but on this day I couldn't get a hold of him — he was in class, where no phones were allowed. The officer tells me that I can pick up the application, but this is all I can do in the process. My husband will have to do the rest.

I drive down to get the application just in the nick of time. However, looking at it, it seemed near impossible to gather all the information needed to apply within the time frame the lawyer requested for a closing. I discussed it with my husband, and we decided that we would rather borrow the money from a friend than take money from a fund for people who may really be in dire straights without any other hope.

This is where it really gets good! My friend tells us that she will lend us the money and I can pay her back as soon as I can. Thanks BF! Then, Tuesday, I woke up and checked my checking account. I’d been waiting for a relocation assistance deposit from the military, and that money finally arrived! And it just so happens to cover the needed amount! (Doesn't God work in strange ways?) I loathe borrowing money from friends and family, and I have actually never done so. This was my one exception but now I needn't worry any further.

I can now have my short sale closing instead of a foreclosure, pay my bills, and buy my presents. Friday was not an easy day — I spent about 6 hours between phone calls and emails, but sometimes you just have to go through the process. Saturday was a new day, bringing me a clear mind and a new plan. Today? WOW! Let's get on with the process!