Kid-Friendly Chores: Folding Laundry

by Teri Cettina

Kid-Friendly Chores: Folding Laundry

How kids can “help,” from Barbara Sher, author of Spirit Games and Extraordinary Play With Ordinary Things:

A 2-year-old can:

* Put all the family’s socks into a pile.

* Find pieces of his own clothing and give them to you to fold.

A 3-year-old can:

* Fold washcloths or bibs in half once, then hand them to you.

* Put all his own clothes in a pile.

* Sort a sibling’s clothes into another pile.

A 4-year-old can:

* Sort socks by color, and match patterns.

* Fold washcloths in half, then in half again.

* Carry folded towels to a closet.