Kidoodle.TV Provides Safe Streaming Videos

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Kidoodle.TV Provides Safe Streaming Videos

Service streams ad-free TV designed with children in mind

I would call myself a fairly protective mother, so naturally, I screen the programs that my children watch. With all the violence and suggestive material in media these days, it seems to become harder and harder to find quality television shows that my little ones can watch. Years ago, my husband and I decided to try out one of the leading streaming video companies instead of paying for broadcast television so that we could customize which selections our kids could see. To our dismay, we discovered that not only could our children still see all of those highly inappropriate movie and TV covers, but they were also exposed to repeated commercial advertising that we could not disallow. We canceled our subscription and gave up on trying to find a streaming TV company.

You can imagine our excitement when a few friends told us about Kidoodle.TV, which offers totally safe streaming video without the risk of unexpected ads, frightening movie covers, risqué content or violence. We signed up for the 14-day trial and gave it a shot. Before the first day was over, we knew it was a huge hit; everyone loves it!

The Pros
Our children love Kidoodle.TV's bright, easy-to-use interface and having their own customizable profiles on the site. They can safely search for and watch programs on their own. We love the effective content controls and being able to use the service on whichever device we want, including Androids, iPads and iPhones. This makes it convenient and easy for our kids to pop on and watch a kid-friendly program no matter where we go. Whether we are sitting and waiting in a doctor's office or taking the kids on a road trip, I can hand over my iPad knowing that my children will see only wholesome, kid-friendly media. I cannot tell you how great that makes me feel!

"We know and appreciate that every family's values are different. What may be acceptable content for one family may not match the values of another. Kidoodle.TV allows you to vet the content, giving you the ability to cancel out titles and allowing you to tailor viewing within Kid Profiles to match family values or to restrict content access based on age," says Mike Lowe, president of A Parent Media Company, Inc., which runs Kidoodle.TV.

Once our trial period was over, we were worried that the actual subscription would cost a fortune, but to our surprise, we only have to spend $4.99 per month plus tax for unlimited video streaming. We couldn't believe it! That was the same price we were used to paying for the other streaming TV service, which did not come close to offering the same robust safety features and quality programming as Kidoodle.TV.

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