Kids’ Fitness Milestones

by Parenting Magazine

Kids’ Fitness Milestones

The AAP highlights the skills that are key to your child’s physical development

We all obsess over traditional milestones—rolling over, sitting up, walking—but fitness markers matter plenty, too. “Kids who achieve these physical milestones are not only on track developmentally, they’re learning to exercise for the rest of their lives,” says Chris Koutures, M.D., a member of the AAP’s council on sports medicine and fitness. Plus, children naturally want to run and skip with their pals and parents, making these activities more engaging and fun than sitting passively in front of the TV. In fact, a new study found that the more TV preschoolers watched, the less distance they were able to jump in fourth grade—a key indicator of athletic ability—and the thicker their waist circumference. Start the moving and shaking right now! What your child should be able to do, and when:

RUN 15 to 18 months

KICK A BALL 16 months to 2 years

THROW OVERHAND 17 months to 2 1/2 years

JUMP By 2 years

RIDE A TRICYCLE 2 to 3 years (depends on height and ability to reach the pedals)

SWING A BAT 3 to 4 years

RIDE A BIKE 5 to 6 years (without training wheels)